Breaking News: KPU Elects New National Executives, Led by Pharm Rahaman Bioku

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In a landmark event at the Kishi Town Hall in Agede, the Kishi Progressive Union (KPU) has announced its new National Executive Committee, with Pharm (Chief) Alh. Rahaman Jimoh Bioku, the esteemed CEO of Bioraj Pharmaceutical Company in Ilorin, emerged as the President. The occasion, attended by Kishi Indigenes from both home and abroad, marks a significant transition in the leadership of this revered community association.

According to the information reaching Oke-Ogun Gazette, Pharm. Bioraj’s election comes as Chief Bayo A. Adesope’s tenure as President comes to a close, underlining a smooth and democratic transfer of responsibilities within the organization. KPU, a pivotal force in fostering the growth and development of the Kishi (Irepo) and its Community, stands poised under this new leadership to continue its mission with renewed vigor and vision.

Chief Bayo A. Adesope
Pharm (Chief) Rahaman Jimoh Bioku


The complete list of elected National Executives is as follows:

President: Pharm (Chief) Rahaman Jimoh Bioku
Vice President 1: Deacon Adebayo Adeleke
Vice President 2: Alh. A.A. Lawal

National Secretary: Dr. Bayo Alao
Assistant Secretary: Alhaji Ibrahim Bioku
Financial Secretary: Jimoh Alamu Fagbemi

Public Relations Officer 1: Joba Ajayi
Public Relations Officer 2: Alfa Nurudeen Agbo
Public Relations Officer 3: Ifagbemi Ifagbemiro

Media Director 1: Mr. Fatunbi John
Media Director 2: Agbaje Basit

Treasurer: Mr. Sunday Popoola
Auditor 1: Alh. Rafiu Benya
Auditor 2: Michael Ajibola

Chief Whip 1: Mr. Jimoh Yusuf (Ayesu)
Chief Whip 2: Alhaji Abdulrahman Dauda
Chief Whip 3: Abioye Taiwo

Welfare Officer 1: Mrs. Esther Adegbenjo
Welfare Officer 2: Oyekola Fatai
Welfare Officer 3: Momodu Ashiru

Exco-Officio: Chief Bayo A. Adesope

Legal Adviser 1: Barr. Adedayo Adediji
Legal Adviser 2: Assoc. Prof. Abdulateef Owoade
Legal Adviser 3: Barr. Abdulwahab Jimoh
Legal Adviser 4: Barr. Kayode Ajibola

This comprehensive lineup of seasoned professionals and community leaders reflects the diversity and strength of the KPU, ensuring a well-rounded approach to addressing the needs and aspirations of the Kishi community. With Pharm. Bioraj at the helm and the collective expertise of the executive team, the KPU is poised to chart a course of progress, unity, and prosperity for all.

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