Amofin Adeoye Empathises with Victims of Ibadan Explosive Tragedy… Commends first responders and urges calm and cooperation with the Government

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The Founder of the Beulah Olufemi Ayanfe Adeoye Trust (“BOAT”), Amofin Beulah Adeoye expressed deep condolences with the families affected by the tragic explosion in Dejo Oyelese area of Adeyi in Old Bodija, Ibadan, on the evening of Tuesday, 16 January 2024.

In a heartfelt press statement, the Oke-Ogun Born Financial Expert and Philanthropist conveyed profound sadness over the incident, acknowledging the reported loss of lives, injuries, and extensive damage to both private and public properties. Amofin Beulah Adeoye urged the public to provide unwavering support to first responders at the site, facilitating the rescue efforts and ensuring prompt medical care for the affected individuals.

Amofin Beulah Adeoye highlighted the importance of calmness among the public, emphasizing cooperation with law enforcement agents actively investigating the matter. Pending comprehensive details on the cause of the explosion, he urged patience and vigilance.

Expressing concern for the victims, Amofin Beulah Adeoye offered prayers for those affected and a commitment to reach out to affected individuals and families. The Ibadan deadly explosion has resulted in numerous casualties and substantial property losses, and our sympathy and condolences go out to the victims and those otherwise affected.

He further expressed commendation for the first responders. In his words, “whilst this has shaken all of us, with our families, friends and neighbours directly impacted, tragedy of this nature tends to bring out the goodness of the human spirit and we should express support for our people, because we are much stronger together”. Whilst directing BOAT officials to provide material support in terms of food items and cash to the most vulnerable of those impacted, he further prayed that “May God Almighty provide comfort during this difficult time to all of us”.

He encouraged the people of Ibadan to stay vigilant and follow the guidance of His Excellency Governor Seyi Makinde, law enforcement and state officials for the safety of the community and Ibadan residents.

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